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About Centria Healthcare

Our Story at Centria Healthcare

Founded in 2009, Centria Healthcare was created as a provider of Pediatric Nursing and Catastrophic Injury Care. Since the beginning, it has always been our focus to provide life-saving, round-the-clock care for patients that need it most.

Our team of professionals continuously exceeds even our highest expectations, delivering exceptional care. We are so proud of the team we employ that in 2020 we introduced our newest service offering: Centria Staffing.

Centria Staffing allows us to assist other medical institutions with filling immediate positions. We hire, train, and staff home health aids, registered nurses, and other highly sought after positions and offer them to other facilities in an effort to help patients receive the care they need in as little time as possible.

Always Ready. Always Caring.

Always Ready. Always Caring.

Centria Healthcare is dedicated to clinical excellence and improving quality metrics. We consistently outperform national benchmarks regarding the quality of care we provide.

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