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Centria is changing the landscape of ABA therapy through purposeful culture, cutting-edge technology, and transformative care. Working at Centria provides clinicians with an opportunity to be a part of an innovative company committed to clinical quality informed by best practice standards, compassionate care models, and a dedicated Clinician Mentorship Program. 

Be a part of a work culture that prioritizes happy, relaxed, and engaged for its clinicians and families!

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How We're Different

Our Mentorship Program

Leading With Joy

Centria's PFA/SBT Clinical Mentorship

Timothy Yeager (Chief Clinical Officer) and Hillary Laney (Vice President of Practical Functional Assessment and Treatment) are leading the organization-wide shift towards this model of effective, compassionate care. Along with a dedicated team of PFA/SBT Directors (Shown left to right: Directors Cindi Kennedy, Kalyn Riggs, Liisa Podosek, and Ed Sanabria.), we train and support our clinicians to become experts of PFA and SBT implementation.

Centria Is Innovating In The Industry

"We are building a therapeutic relationship that is aligned to the client's values, starting with the client in a place of being Happy, Relaxed, and Engaged. Science evolves over time. When you know better you must do better, and now we clearly know better from the research. Extinction-based procedures had a place, but we now have a more compassionate and effective method to treat significant problematic behavior."
- Timothy Yeager, Chief Clinical Officer




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Centria is proud to be consistently investing in people, technology and processes to be the best in the ABA field. We are committed to equipping our clinicians to become highly-skilled in innovative treatment modalities rooted in dignity, safety, and compassion.

Because nothing is more exciting than when we see our clients thrive in treatment. Check out a few incredible testimonials from our team.

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