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Tele Therapy for Autism

What is Telesupervision?

Telesupervision is ABA Therapy supervision that takes place through videoconferencing, telecommunication and information technology. During these scheduled sessions, your child's Supervising Clinician (often a BCBA) is able to provide necessary supervision hours remotely for your child and also assist your dedicated Behavior Technician without needing to enter the center or your home.

Advantages of Telesupervision

  • Greater flexibility in scheduling appointments with Supervising Clinician
  • Less intrusive therapy with fewer care team members in the home weekly
  • Increased opportunities for parent training and engagement through video conferencing

Telesupervision Services

At Centria Autism, we understand that it can be difficult to schedule time with your child's Supervising Clinician/Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to achieve the supervision hours required by ABA Therapy. For over two years we have offered telesupervision in select markets to help resolve scheduling challenges.

Telesupervision allows your child and Behavior Technician to meet with their Supervising Clinician virtually, eliminating the need for in-person scheduling.
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