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Autism and ABA Therapy Resources by State 

Autism and ABA Therapy Resources by State 

Choose your state to find information about local autism-friendly events, ABA Therapy financial support, insurance appeals and state- and government-run programs for children with autism.




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Private Insurance

Working with Private Insurance

  • What happens if I am denied insurance coverage for ABA Therapy?

    We understand that navigating through the insurance system can be extremely frustrating. If a claim for insurance coverage is denied, parents must be prepared to talk to many people regarding this issue. First, you must understand why the insurer denied the claim and what your next steps should be in order to appeal.

    There are a few common ways insurers will deny claims for services relating to autism treatment, which is why it is important for parents to understand the law. For example, insurance companies classify ABA Therapy as "educational" or "experimental" as a way to deny coverage. Although ABA Therapy is listed as a covered service for many insurers, the mandate does not apply to every insurance policy.

  • Filing an Insurance Appeal

    The most important thing to do is stay organized and understand the process. Filing an appeal is the first step after speaking with your insurance. Additionally, you can file a complaint with the agency that regulates your state's insurance. Some regulators can serve as intermediaries to resolve specific conflicts and could facilitate an external review by a panel of independent medical experts.

  • Taking Legal Action

    As a last resort, you may need to consider filing a lawsuit. There are different laws available depending on the type of insurance plan that you have. Lawsuits can be brought up under contract or tort law theories, or even specific state insurance laws. However, it is important to note, parents should consult with a licensed attorney.

  • State and Government Autism Resources 

    Many states offer benefits and treatment options for children and young adults with autism.

    It's no secret that raising a child with autism can be extremely expensive. From doctor's appointments to after school programs to therapy sessions, the cost can be overwhelming for families. There are a number of government financial resources that may be available for individuals with autism. These resources can include Medicaid Home and Community Based Waivers, Social Security Disability Insurance and Social Security Income. For children with autism, Medicaid Home & Community Based Waivers may be your best option.

  • Medicaid Home & Community Based Waivers

    Medicaid Home and Community Based waivers (HCBS) are available through Michigan's Medicaid healthcare programs. Generally, HCBS waivers allow the state to provide funding for different home and community-based services for children or adults with developmental disabilities.

    Learn More About Government Financial Resources Click on Medicaid Home & Community Based Waivers Learn More link
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