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In-Home ABA Therapy for Autism
In-Home ABA Therapy for Autism

What is In-Home ABA Therapy?

It's basically ABA Therapy that takes place in your home. Your child's dedicated Supervising Clinician/BCBA will work with you to determine the amount of therapy needed and recommend a schedule of care based on an evaluation of your child's individual needs. Then, during scheduled therapy visits, your child's Behavior Technician will come to your home to work with your child in a one-on-one setting to provide ABA therapy. 

Advantages of a Home Based ABA Therapy Program

  • As therapy takes place in the family's home, there is no travel required by the family. 
  • When therapy is performed in the home, it is much easier for parents to see and hear their child and therapist interacting, leading to natural teaching opportunities. 
  • Performing ABA Therapy services in the home offers a known and comfortable environment. 
  • When the child's learning environment and everyday surroundings are one and the same, it may be easier for family to help reinforce what the child has learned even after the session is over. 

Overview of  Centria Autism's Home Based ABA Therapy Program

  • We build a care team around your child to provide individualized, one-on-one ABA Therapy 
  • We offer morning, weekend and evening hours to fit your family's schedule 
  • Our ABA Therapy program boasts clinically proven results
  • Our intake to implementation period is quick and efficient, getting your child the services they need, as soon as possible 
  • We will be your partner every step of the way, from day one 
  • Each family has a dedicated Supervising Clinician (often a BCBA) and a Behavior Technician. This team is a support system for families as their child receives individualized one-on-one ABA therapy 

Are ABA Therapy Services Available in My Area?

Search your zip code and see if  Centria Autism offers ABA Therapy in your area.

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