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Centria Launches Mentorship Model Supporting Values-Directed Compassionate Care

By: Centria Healthcare / 29 Jun 2022

Centria's Clinical Excellence Team is leading one of the largest company-wide shifts in the US toward a compassionate and trauma-informed methodology of care that utilizes the practical functional assessment and skills-based training as their primary approach to applied behavior analysis therapy. This new team, led by Chief Clinical Officer Timothy Yeager, is collaborating with staff across the country to advise, advocate, and serve as a catalyst for driving this initiative.

The Do Wonders Framework

Under the new Clinical Excellence Department, the Do Wonders Framework (DWF), a values-based system, was launched. In this framework, the clinician works closely with the client's families to determine their aspirations for their child, designing an outcomes process that identifies aligned and developmentally appropriate treatment goals to a comprehensive battery of outcomes.

A Shift Towards Client-Centered Compassionate Care

As part of the Do Wonders Framework, Centria introduced two models of care. Both serve as a significant step in supporting Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) in practices that move us and the industry forward in a model of care that is built upon compassion, dignity while maintaining the client at the center of every decision made.

Centria's Foundations of Care mentorship model, a universal protocol, provides a competency-based system, with 4-8 weeks of mentorship for clinicians to systematically build behavior plans that align with the clients and Centria's clinical values. The training began at orientation, with cohorts of 3 clinicians and continued support after initial mentorship. 

"We are building a therapeutic relationship that is aligned to the client's values, starting with the client in a place of being Happy, Relaxed, and Engaged. Science evolves over time. When you know better you must do better, and now we clearly know better from the research. Extinction-based procedures had a place, but we now have a more compassionate and effective method to treat significant problematic behavior."
- Timothy Yeager, Chief Clinical Officer

Centria's Practical Functional Assessment and Skills-Based Training (PFA/SBT) mentorship model began rolling out on April 4th. The model is a systematic treatment package in which up to 12 cohorts of 3 clinicians will receive 8-12 weeks of mentorship at the beginning of hire, with continued weekly support and mentorship and a competency-based system to ensure effective support and implementation across all clients. This multi-state organizational shift is part of the #DoWonders initiative to lead the entire company towards a more effective value-based care model and improved clinical outcomes. 

The Directors of Practical Functional Assessment and Treatment

To bring about this shift, Centria has invested in building out an incredible team to implement these two models of mentorship. Joining Timothy in leading this shift towards a company-wide implementation of the PFA and SBT process is Hillary Laney, the Vice President of Practical Functional Assessment and Treatment. Hillary brings with her ten years of direct service experience, including time as a Severe Behavior Consultant providing consultative services to agencies, schools, and clients in implementing Practical Functional Assessment and Skills-Based Treatment (PFA/SBT). Hillary is a founder and active administrator of an online community created to support practitioners using the PFA and SBT, with over 15,000 members. Heading her team of SBT/PFA training are new directors, Liisa Podosek, Kalyn Riggs, Cindy Kennedy, and Edward Sanabria, all of whom are highly experienced BCBA's with a strong experience in the PFA and SBT protocols. Under their leadership, the new mentorship program is being employed across the company and will expand to a complete organizational integration ensuring application for every future client.

Centria Clinicians are responding positively to the new initiatives taking place in Dearborn, Michigan:

"I am so grateful to be part of this progressive clinical shift, so much so that I left a clinic I was very happy at!" - Batoul Dekmak, BCBA.
"We have an absolutely amazing support structure. And our localized teams provide backup when learning individual requirements.&rdquo - Linna Windhurst, BCBA.

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If you believe your child may have autism, Centria Autism is there to provide guidance and support every step of the way

If you believe your child may have autism, Centria Autism is there to provide guidance and support every step of the way

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