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Centria Expands Clinician Support, Teams Up With Defy

By: Centria Healthcare / 06 Jun 2022

As a part of their company-wide initiative to improve clinical outcomes and staff support, Centria has partnered with Defy to deliver a Defy Team MembershipThis membership package includes CE training, mentorship, and clinician resources to support staff in their work. At Centria, we care about our people and want to support them in providing the highest quality therapy. This partnership will not just be for current clinicians but will be a standard benefit that's included when any new clinician joins our organization.

This partnership with Defy allows access for our team members to get these amazing benefits:

  1. Interactive BCBA planner
  2. Burnout Management Resources
  3. Productivity and Time Management Tools
  4. Weekly Burnout Support Group Coaching
  5. Access to 1:1 Career Coaching Opportunities
  6. Exclusive Discounts to Burnout and defy Community Events Group Coaching
  7. Burnout Resources and Tools

The interactive BCBA planner helps provide clinicians with a way to ensure organizational and productivity support with individualized add-ons and monthly updates. The weekly support group, the "Defy Burnout Committee", lets clinicians connect with like-minded BCBAs focused on using behavioral science to combat burnout and create positive changes within the field and their workplace. Important topics such as ethical implications of moral injury, secondary PTSD, and other contributors to BCBA burnout are discussed in the sessions along with actionable strategies to remediate these contributors. Content is delivered to members on-demand and in a live format.

About Defy

Defy is a female, Behavior Analyst-owned company with a mission to unlock the potential of ABA professionals through inspiring, educating, celebrating, and elevating others to create positive change within themselves, the workplace, communities, and the field. Created by Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Sarah Trautman (Former CASP founding member & CALABA President) and Carol Bell (Also co-founder of StudyNotesABATechnologies), Defy provides a community for ABA professionals to optimize their well-being, provide quality care to their clients and staff, while finding joy and success in their work utilizing behavior science. 

Why Partnering With defy?

Centria is expanding its support to clinicians at multiple levels of the organization. Centria is on a mission to innovate quality treatment outcomes and mentorship programs for its clinicians. This means also providing support to reduce burnout and increase overall employee satisfaction. Defy is the game-changing community designed by Behavior Analysts to provide comprehensive support, coaching, and community to BCBA's and supervising clinicians in order to support more satisfying careers in the field.

If you believe your child may have autism, Centria Autism is there to provide guidance and support every step of the way

If you believe your child may have autism, Centria Autism is there to provide guidance and support every step of the way

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