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Our Approach to ABA Therapy

We believe that all of our therapy should start from a place of happiness and joy. When our clients are happy, relaxed, and engaged, they are more likely to make positive behavioral improvements in shorter spans of time. In our centers, we work with our learners in a variety of therapy settings, including one-on-one therapy sessions, group therapy, and social skills training. The center also features tailored rooms that simulate school-like settings, such as a sensory gym, a peer play room, a circle time room, and a kitchen, to prepare our clients for school.

Our ABA therapy program is not a "one-size-fits-all" model. Our therapy team collaborates with your family to identify your child's unique needs, aspirations, and challenges to develop their individualized goals. These goals can include: 

  • Developing Stronger Social & Communication Skills
  • Creating Better Coping Skills
  • Establishing Personal Care Skills for Independence (such as getting dressed, eating and hygiene)
  • Reducing behaviors that interfere with their ability to engage with their environment
  • Building and setting routines

ABA Therapy Center

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Compassionate Skills-Based Treatment

At Centria, we are committed to ensuring our ABA therapy sessions are in line with the values of Skill-Based Treatment (SBT). SBT is a compassionate and systematic process to teach your child necessary skills that occur in various contexts and situations while also ensuring it is a positive experience. We believe we first need to create joy, then we can teach.

When we are teaching your child important skills, we are ensuring that the process is not only comfortable, but fun! This means we consider your child's unique needs, interests, and the environment. This method of ABA therapy leads to greater, more meaningful outcomes.

See Matthew's progress since starting ABA Therapy and Skills-Based Treatment.

From Our Families

Nothing is more exciting than when we see our clients thrive in treatment.

Our compassionate and systematic process teaches your child necessary skills that occur in various contexts and situations while also ensuring it is a positive experience. 



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