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Personalized ABA Therapy Plans

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy at an early age can provide a strong foundation for the child to grow and learn in their life. Skills that are typically worked on in ABA therapy include self-advocacy, safety, self-regulation, communication, and social skills. Our therapy team collaborates with your family to identify your child's unique needs and goals. Every therapy plan is developed to ensure that the skills your child learns in ABA therapy can be reinforced in other settings, like school, home, or even the community.

About ABA Therapy

ABA therapy is a evidence-based therapeutic approach that focuses on using positive reinforcement to increase desirable behaviors while reducing challenging behaviors. The goal of ABA is to help an individual increase skills and decrease behaviors that interfere with their daily lives. ABA also uses data collection to effectively target, track and measure behaviors as they occur.

ABA Therapy For Children

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Compassionate Skills Based Treatment

Compassionate Skills-Based Treatment

At Centria, we are committed to ensuring our ABA therapy sessions are in line with the values of Skill-Based Treatment (SBT). SBT is a compassionate and systematic process to teach your child necessary skills that occur in various contexts and situations while also ensuring it is a positive experience. We believe that therapy is most effective when a client is Happy, Relaxed, and Engaged (HRE).

When we are teaching your child important skills, we are ensuring that the process is not only comfortable, but fun! This means we consider your child's unique needs, interests, and the environment. This method of ABA therapy leads to greater, more meaningful outcomes.

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Nothing is more exciting than when we see our clients thrive in treatment. Our compassionate and systematic process teaches your child necessary skills that occur in various contexts and situations while also ensuring it is a positive experience. See another incredible testimonial from our team.


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